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Certificate Picture Framing

How to Frame a Certificate

Tips on How to Frame Certificate

A certificate is a wonderful thing. It’s an achievement. After hours and hours (or in some cases, years and years) of hard work, being handed a certificate that confirms that all of your effort and energy was for something important, something you care about, is an incredible feeling. Far from being “just a piece of paper”, a graduation certificate, or an apprentice’s certificate, represents a huge milestone in your life. It is worth celebrating – because you and your hard work are worth celebrating!

But if you’re like many of us, that certificate stays rolled up in storage for far too long. What a tragedy! After spending years working towards achieving your dreams, don’t you think you should put your certificate on the wall? We do!

To frame certificate isn’t difficult, and there are a number of different ways to make your certificate stand out. You can keep your frame certificate design elegant and simple, or you can turn it into an elaborate artwork in and of itself. It’s ultimately up to you, of course, but your expert picture framer should be able to make your framed certificate look spectacular!

Colour scheme

So first, you need to consider your color scheme. Some certificates are simple, black and white designs, while other incorporate colors and even metallic foils into their designs. Your frame should complement and highlight the design elements in your certificate, without overwhelming them.

For example, if you have a university graduation certificate in a blue and silver color scheme, this can be accentuated beautifully with the use of matboards. Matboards, otherwise known as matting or mounts, are the cardboard borders you often see surrounding an artwork in a picture frame. Matboards are a sophisticated way of introducing color to your frame design. In the case of our hypothetical blue and silver graduation certificate, complementary shades of blue and silver could be used in your matboard design to help draw the eye across the whole frame. This way your picture frame is consistent with your certificate’s design elements.

Frame certificate design

Secondly, consider your frame. Years ago, certificates were often unceremoniously put into traditional certificate frames, regardless of whether the frame complemented the certificate or not. Fortunately, the range of options available when framing your certificate has become vast in recent years. We at Onate Framing have seen some certificates strikingly framed in a subtly ornate frame design for a more classic look, and have even framed kids’ school certificates with a pop of bright color! When it comes to framing your certificates, anything is possible, but we here at Frames Now are experts at showcasing your certificate by creating the best possible picture frame design – just come in and ask us!